Current Drug Shortages: Diazepam Injection (updated)

CompanyProductAvailability and Estimated Shortage DurationRelated InformationShortage Reason
(per New Legislation-FDASIA)*Date UpdatedHospira, Inc.
Customer Service:
1-877-946-7747Aminosyn II 10%, Sulfite-free; 1 L bag (NDC 0409-4164-05)

Ample levels of inventory available to meet market demand



Please check with your wholesaler for available inventory.

Please see the Dear Customer Letter (PDF - 31KB)

Shortage per Manufacturer:

 OtherRevised 7/16/2012Aminosyn 10%, Sulfite-free; 500 mL bag (NDC 0409-4191-03)Aminosyn 8.5%, Sulfite-free; 500 mL bag (NDC 0409-4187-03)Aminosyn II 15%, Sulfite-free; 2 L bag (NDC 0409-7171-17)Aminosyn 10%, Sulfite-free, 1 L (NDC 0409-4191-05)Aminosyn II 10%, 500 mL, Sulfite-free (NDC 0409-4164-03)Aminosyn HBC 7%, 500 mL, Sulfite-free (NDC 0409-4168-03)Aminosyn 3.5%, sulfite-free, 1 L (NDC 0409-4196-05)Aminosyn 8.5%, sulfite-free, 500 mL (NDC 0409-4187-03)Aminosyn II 8.5%, sulfite-free, 500 mL (NDC 0409-4162-03)Aminosyn II 8.5% with electrolytes, sulfite-free, 500 mL (NDC 0409-4171-03)Aminosyn-PF 7%, sulfite-free, 500 mL (NDC 0409-4178-03)Aminosyn-PF 10%, 1000 mL, sulfite-free (NDC 0409-4179-05)Aminosyn RF 5.2%, 500 mL, sulfite-free (NDC 0409-4166-03)Aminosyn II 10%; 2 L bag (NDC 0409-7121-07)Product being replaced by (NDC 0409-7172-17)B. Braun Medical Inc.
Customer Service:
1-800-227-2862TrophAmine 6%, 500 mL (NDC 00264-9361-55)All B. Braun Amino Acids are available.

BBraun may start allocation if demand starts to exceed their increased production plans.

Shortage per Manufacturer:


 OtherRevised 6/15/2012TrophAmine 10%, 500 mL (NDC 00264-9361-55)FreAmine III 10%, 1000 mL (NDC 00264-9010-55)Specialty Amino Acid Solutions FreAmine HBC 6.9%, 750 mL (NDC 00264-9350-55)NephrAmine 5.4%, 250 mL (NDC 00264-1909-55)HepatAmine 8%, 500 mL (NDC 00264-9371-55)15% Amino Acids Injection 1,000 mL (NDC 0264-3200-55)

Baxter Customer Service:


Travasol 10%, 500 mL (NDC 00338-0644-03)

Travasol products available

Premasol products available

Hepatosol product available


Clinimix and Clinimix E products are available

Baxter is currently experiencing a backorder situation on all presentations of Prosol and Clinisol due to unforeseen demand. Clinimix is a viable source of Amino Acids for most patients requiring parenteral nutrition.

Shortage per Manufacturer:
Increase in product demand due to market supply issues.

Demand increase for the drug



Travasol 10%, 1000 mL (NDC 00338-0644-04)Travasol 10%, 2000 mL (NDC 00338-0644-06)Prosol 20%, 2000 mL, sulfite-free (NDC 00338-0499-06)Clinisol 15%, 500 mL, sulfite-free (NDC 00338-0502-03)Clinisol 15%, 2000 mL, sulfite-free (NDC 00338-0502-06)Premasol 6%, 500 mL, sulfite-free (NDC 00338-1131-03)Premasol 10%, 500 mL, sulfite-free (NDC 00338-1130-03)Premasol 10%, 1000 mL, sulfite-free (NDC 00338-1130-04)Premasol 10%, 2000 mL, sulfite-free (NDC 00338-1130-06)Hepatosol 8%, 500 mL (NDC 00338-0504-03)CLINIMIX sulfite-free (2.75%, 4.25%, 5.0% Amino Acid in Dextrose) Injections in 1000 mL and 2000 mL ContainersCLINIMIX E sulfite-free (2.75%, 4.25%, 5.0% Amino Acid with Electrolytes in Dextrose with Calcium) Injections in 1000 mL and 2000 mL Containers

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